Yearbook/Yearbook Ad Order Info

All yearbook and yearbook ad orders will be placed online at


Yearbooks are $TBD.  Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to Balfour website (
  2. Enter school name in Search Box (Matches will appear. Make sure you pick “Tuscaloosa, Alabama” as there are two Verner Elementary schools). Click Search.
  3. Click the Yearbook option.
  4. Click Yearbook and Accessories option.
  5. Add the number of yearbooks to order, then click the green cart/order box located below (it will still say “0″. Don’t worry). This will take you to a page to enter all of your order information (including personalization).
  6. Click blue “Add to Cart” box and proceed through checkout.


Full Page Ad-$TBD      •      1/2 Page Ad-$TBD      •      1/4 Page Ad-$TBD

STEP 1-PAY FOR YOUR AD ONLINE: Go online to and pay for your ad.

STEP 2-DESIGN YOUR AD: You have two choices for designing your ad:

CHOICE 1: DESIGN YOUR AD ONLINE: You can design your ad online after paying, using one of the preformatted templates provided by Balfour.

CHOICE 2: PUT YOUR AD ON CD: If you do not want to use one of the preformatted templates provided online, you may have your ad designed by a photo design store or design it yourself. The ad MUST be in a JPEG format. No other forms will be accepted.

  1. PHOTO DESIGN STORE: Go to a photo design store such as American Shutterbug and have them design your ad and put it on a CD.
  2. DESIGN IT YOURSELF: Design your ad yourself and place it on a CD.

STEP 3-SUBMIT YOUR CD. Turn in your CD to Mrs. Pilsch in the school office where it will be given to the Yearbook staff. Place the following information on your CD: Your child/children’s name, homeroom, your name and your email address. Please designate if you would like the CD back or not. If you do not designate that you would like it back, it will not be returned. You are responsible for turning in the CD even if you have paid. No money can be refunded if we do not receive your ad or if it is not in the correct format.

Please note: No money will be receipted for the yearbook ads or for the yearbooks. All transactions will be done on the Balfour website at

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